10 gift ideas for the iPad owner on your 2021 holiday shopping list

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Shopping for gifts for an iPad aficionado? These gifts spell cleanable for iPad owners, whether they usage theirs for work, play oregon a spot of both.


Image: Apple

The iPad started beingness successful a weird place. Caught for galore years successful the limbo betwixt iPhones and Macs, the iPad has yet travel into its ain arsenic a powerhouse that tin rival the productivity capabilities of the beefiest of MacBooks. 

Whereas the laptop comes with everything it needs to beryllium that productivity powerhouse, the tablet requires further accessories to unlock its afloat potential. Some are obvious, similar the functionality-adding Apple Pencil, portion others are invisible, but conscionable arsenic indispensable to starring a beingness of safe, productive iPad use.

If idiosyncratic successful your beingness (or you with a vacation acquisition card) is utilizing their iPad for enactment and wants to get much retired of it, these 10 acquisition ideas person the imaginable to marque their iPad experience, and vacation season, the champion it tin perchance be.

The Apple Pencil


Image: Apple

While it lone works with prime iPad models (so beryllium definite your giftee has a supported one), the Apple Pencil is the beatified grail of accessories. It's ace responsive, makes utilizing the iPad arsenic casual arsenic paper, and the apps that enactment the Apple Pencil marque it adjacent much amazingly usable by artists, designers and note-takers alike. 

$129 astatine Apple

Logitech Keys-to-Go


Image: Apple

I could person chosen 1 of the galore keyboard folios that are meant to acceptable with assorted iPad models, but I deliberation this is simply a amended option, honestly: It doesn't trust connected having a peculiar exemplary of iPad, truthful you tin connect it to immoderate tablet, oregon adjacent smartphone, for typing connected the go. It's besides waterproof, gets 3 months to a complaint and comes with a basal to acceptable your iPad connected portion utilizing it. 

$70 astatine Apple

Satechi foldable aluminum stand


Image: Apple

This foldable aluminum iPad basal is rather hefty, but collapses down for casual portability. I person 1 myself, and it's wherever my iPad rests portion utilizing it successful Sidecar mode with my MacBook, and it does precisely what it's designed to bash successful an wholly proficient manner. 

$40 astatine Apple

iPad Smart Cover


Image: Apple

This folio-style screen for the iPad enactment comes successful assorted prices, colors, and exemplary options. Instead of linking to 1 peculiar product, the nexus for these volition instrumentality you to the full class connected Apple's tract to find the due one. These covers are large for respective reasons: They connect magnetically, are unobtrusive, and tin beryllium rolled up and utilized arsenic a stand. They're an fantabulous prime for idiosyncratic who wants to support and prop their iPad with 1 color-coordinated accessory. 


iPad Pro USB C hub


Image: Amazon

This multi-device hub tin plug into the bottommost of immoderate iPad with a USB C port, granting it 7 further ports that are capable to enactment HDMI, 3.5mm audio, USB 3.0, SD card, Micro SD card, USB C information and USB C PD. Creative professionals, particularly photographers, volition emotion to get their hands connected 1 of these.

$34 astatine Amazon

Sketchboard Pro


Image: Braintreehouse, LLC

This nifty tabletop accessory is designed for originative professionals that usage their iPad. Available for respective antithetic iPad models, the Sketchboard Pro is similar an easel for the iPad, adding a immense country for resting your arms portion you sketch, draw, plan oregon bash immoderate other you mightiness bash with an iPad wherever you'd request a bully large enactment aboveground for it. 

$119 astatine Braintreehouse

Paperlike surface protectors


Image: Paperlike

Paperlike surface protectors for the iPad are designed to beryllium perfectly functional surface protectors, but they're really designed for Apple Pencil users who miss the tactile feeling of paper. Paperlike surface protectors person a matte aboveground that is somewhat rough, giving Pencil users the sensation of penning connected paper. I ain one, and it truly is simply a neat acquisition to constitute connected it. Thankfully, you get 2 surface protectors to a battalion because, if you're similar me, you'll inevitably get feline hairsbreadth stuck nether it portion putting it on. 


Typecase Touch


Image: Amazon

If you've ever wished you could person a touchscreen MacBook, this iPad lawsuit is the closest you're going to get, astatine slightest for now. With keyboard backlighting, a 360-degree hinge, a trackpad and different fantastic features, this lawsuit truly does marque the iPad look and behave similar a laptop successful a mode different cases don't. 


Aunote holder lawsuit for Apple Pencil


We heard you similar accessories for your accessories.

Image: Amazon


I transportation my iPad and Apple Pencil with maine a lot, and portion the magnet that holds the Pencil successful spot is strong, it's not beardown capable to support my Pencil reliably attached portion it's successful my bag. That's wherefore I person a pencil lawsuit a batch similar this one. Along with holding the Pencil itself, this lawsuit tin clasp AirPods, a powerfulness brick, spare Pencil tips and different tiny accessories an iPad idiosyncratic whitethorn need.

$12 astatine Amazon

iPad lawsuit from bertiescloset


Image: Etsy/bertiescloset

Having a bully sleeve for a tablet is simply a necessity, particularly if you question a batch and don't privation a full-on lawsuit for it. Bertiescloset, an Etsy shop, makes fantastic cases retired of tons of antithetic fabrics. I included this 1 due to the fact that it's 1 I have, but if you oregon the intended recipient privation immoderate antithetic fabrics determination are plentifulness to take from.

Bertiescloset connected Etsy

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