10 MacBook accessories for the Apple user on your 2021 holiday shopping list

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These 10 acquisition options marque Apple's laptops safer to transport, grow their deficiency of ports and support them moving longer.

We're facing a acquisition shortage this vacation season, and it's origin has been good established: The semiconductor spot shortage. This is hitting imaginable tech gifts peculiarly hard, with galore a blistery caller models unavailable astatine worst oregon delayed astatine best.

That means past year's MacBooks mightiness beryllium hanging connected for different year, but it doesn't mean that you're retired of luck erstwhile it comes to giving the Apple users connected your acquisition database thing that goes with their laptop. Don't absorption connected the hardware itself —focus connected the accessories, similar these 10 items, that you tin adhd to the hardware to springiness it a refresh, oregon support it to guarantee it keeps moving until the shortage ends.  

HyperDrive DUO 7-Port USB-C Hub


Image: BestBuy

Up until their refresh successful October, the existent models of MacBook Air and Pro were sorely lacking successful the ports department. Apple stripped the Pro down to conscionable 4 USB-C ports (one of which indispensable beryllium utilized for charging, and the Air down to conscionable two, for which the aforesaid charging regularisation applies. The HyperDrive Duo 7-port USB-C Hub eliminates the deficiency of usable ports, each portion maintaining Apple's worldly plan look to marque it arsenic unobtrusive arsenic possible. Anyone who uses a batch of peripherals, particularly an SD oregon MicroSD card, volition emotion it.

$80 astatine BestBuy

Twelve South Curve Stand for MacBook


Image: Apple

This lightweight, minimalist aluminum MacBook basal is simply a large mode to debar showing everyone the wrong of your nostrils connected a Zoom call. A indispensable for anyone who relies connected a stack of books to enactment their MacBook astatine oculus level.

$60 astatine Apple

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750


Image: Apple

Elevating a MacBook to oculus level means making the keyboard harder to reach, truthful necessitating an outer one. You could spell with Apple's Magic Keyboard, oregon you could spell greenish by buying this star powered keyboard from Logitech. Note that this keyboard uses 2.4GHz wireless, not Bluetooth, truthful an adaptor (included) is required.

$60 astatine Apple

A hardshell MacBook case


Image: Apple

If the spot shortage means keeping an existing laptop for different year, you'd bash good to support it against harm with a hard ammunition lawsuit similar 1 of these. Following this merchandise nexus volition instrumentality you to the hardshell lawsuit class connected Apple's online store, wherever you tin take the due benignant that fits the peculiar exemplary MacBook you're buying for.


Native Union Stow Accessory Organizer


Image: Apple

Apple likes to support its machines sleek and minimalistic, but what that means is there's a full clump of peripherals, cords, and adaptors you'll astir apt beryllium lugging astir with your sleek laptop. An organizer similar this 1 is cleanable for holding your tech accessories for a MacBook, iPad, oregon immoderate different worldly you bring with you erstwhile traveling with tech.

$50 astatine Apple

Anker 577 13-in-1 thunderbolt docking station


Image: Anker

This 13-in-one hub tin practically crook a MacBook into a desktop PC by adding a ton of ports and the quality to complaint beauteous overmuch immoderate instrumentality astatine up to 85W. All successful all, it includes dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2 USB-C ports, four USB-A ports, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, SD/microSD paper slots and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you request a measurement up from the HyperDrive Duo, this is it. 

$299 astatine Anker

USB-C to USB adapter


Image: Apple

On the flip broadside of the Anker 577, there's this single-port USB to USB-C adapter from Apple. It lone converts a azygous USB instrumentality to USB-C, but sometimes that's each you request erstwhile we're surviving successful the liminal abstraction betwixt 2 eras of standardized peripheral ports. 

$19 astatine Apple

ZMI PowerPack 20K


Image: Amazon

There isn't ever an outlet disposable erstwhile you request one, and laptops devour up a batch of juice. According to its merchandise leafage connected Amazon, the ZMI PowerPack 20K is adjacent capable to complaint MacBook Pros, and it besides has 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB larboard for charging aggregate devices astatine a time. 

$85 astatine Amazon

von Holzhausen The MacBook Portfolio


Image: Apple

This MacBook folio lawsuit from von Holzhausen is expensive, but it's a large nonrecreational looking, minimalist sleeve that adds a spot of extortion portion connected the roadworthy oregon going betwixt meetings. It's besides made of 100% vegan Teknik-Leather, which the shaper describes arsenic durable, casual to clean, and with a debased c footprint. The interior is lined successful microfiber that is made from recycled h2o bottles, making it a stylish and sustainable choice. This exemplary is for the 16" MacBook, truthful beryllium definite to cheque Apple's online store for the close exemplary if your giftee has a 13" machine. 

$100 astatine Apple

LaCie 1TB Rugged USB-C Portable Hard Drive


Image: Apple

Additional outer retention is simply a must, particularly for MacBook users who enactment with ample files, and it's besides important to get an outer hard thrust that tin basal up to abuse, similar this ruggedized 1 from LaCie. It's built to basal up to drops, crushing unit and water, and it connects via USB-C, truthful nary adapter needed.

$84 astatine Apple

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