4 RSS readers every Linux user should try

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RSS readers are a mode to get each the online quality you privation without distractions, occurrence wars oregon annoying advertising. Here are 4 RSS feeders you tin usage connected your Linux-based machine.


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Standards similar RSS are possibly the astir underrated and underutilized diagnostic of the modern web. RSS feeds are plain substance files that each website publishes astatine a fixed address, with an explicit nexus oregon the communal RSS icon. Those feeds are continuously rewritten with headlines, excerpts and links to the afloat versions of each the latest additions to that website. Then, utilizing programs called RSS readers, oregon aggregators, you tin automatically download and work arsenic galore RSS feeds you want, whenever you want, successful 1 window. It's hard to overstate however large this is, because:

  • RSS saves time. Lots of time. There is small much businesslike than 1 azygous "entry point," usable adjacent offline, for each sorts of news, from large events to friends' blog postings and ... thing else.
  • RSS feeds are unfiltered. No algorithms there. Unlike what happens wrong societal media, with RSS you are ever definite to download each the news, and you're ever escaped to disregard oregon prioritize them arsenic you wish. With RSS, the lone filter is your ain conscious enactment of quality sources, truthful take responsibly!
  • RSS is not centrally monitored. All your information stays with you. Behavior tracking remains wrong your ain computer, if it happens astatine all.

Basically, the lone happening incorrect with RSS contiguous whitethorn beryllium that excessively galore websites fell this enactment from their readers. Let's spot however to usage this fantastic modular with my favourite RSS readers for Linux.

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4 large RSS readers for Linux users

The main intent of this nonfiction is to animate readers to effort the ratio and privateness of the RSS way; therefore, I deliberately contiguous lone 4 RSS programs with these characteristics: They are each stand-alone tools that bash not necessitate a web server oregon outer databases to work; they each tally connected Linux and, successful immoderate cases, different operating systems; and (with 1 exception) they tin each beryllium installed rapidly without problems, connected immoderate modern distribution. Here are 4 RSS readers (in much oregon little random order) that Linux users should cheque out. 

1. RSSOwlnix

Behind a truly unusual name, RSSOwlnix (Figure A) has a batch of qualities. To statesman with, it handles without occupation each main syndication formats, not conscionable the archetypal RSS. It has a bully hunt relation that you tin marque adjacent much almighty by diligently applying your ain labels to news. Even better, RSSOwlnix tin retrieve searches and contiguous them arsenic if they were customized RSS feeds.

Figure A


  RSSOwlnix has a large default enactment of RSS feeds.

This instrumentality tin besides automatically item headlines containing predefined keywords and prevention important articles successful its ain archive. RSSOwlnix has a great, semi-automatic RSS provender importer, and whitethorn person the champion online documentation of the battalion too a built-in tutorial accessible by pressing the F1 key.

2. Liferea

Liferea (Figure B) is astir apt the quickest aggregator to try, arsenic it seems to beryllium the 1 that's installable consecutive from modular repositories and bundle managers of astir large distributions. While I person ne'er had accidental to trial this peculiar feature, its authors state that Liferea tin extract headlines adjacent from HTML5 websites without existent feeds. In immoderate case, Liferea tin download afloat articles too their excerpts and adjacent play podcasts (because yes, RSS isn't constricted to syndicated text) oregon amusement comics, arsenic successful Figure C.

Figure B


  Besides texts, Liferea tin aggregate links to podcasts.

Figure C 


RSS successful Liferea is simply a large mode to get your regular dose of web comics.

A peculiarly important diagnostic of Liferea, which whitethorn beryllium capable to take it for immoderate users, is its capableness to log into web-based, multi-user RSS aggregators similar TinyTinyRSS oregon TheOldReader. By combining Liferea with accounts connected those services, you whitethorn physique your precise ain customized watercourse of quality that is accessible from immoderate machine and easy archived connected your ain desktop.

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3. QuiteRSS

QuiteRSS (Figure D) whitethorn beryllium the favourite RSS aggregator for users who similar to tweak immoderate conceivable facet of their bundle interfaces. You tin usage its full-screen mode, fell the database of feeds to person adjacent much abstraction and unfastened each excerpt, oregon the corresponding afloat article, successful a abstracted tab. At the aforesaid time, you whitethorn confine QuiteRSS to the strategy tray to conscionable amusement successful each infinitesimal the fig of caller oregon unread items. Besides tuning the look and consciousness of QuiteRSS successful galore different ways, its users tin disable images, JavaScript and ads successful the feeds, to work them adjacent faster. Another valid crushed to effort QuiteRSS whitethorn beryllium enactment for rapidly sharing quality via Telegram.

Figure D 


QuiteRSS has truthful galore utile configuration options that it is casual to get mislaid among them.

4. Newsboat

No substance however short, nary roundup of applications for Linux desktops would beryllium implicit without astatine slightest 1 terminal-based program. With RSS aggregators, the choice, astatine slightest for me, is easy: Newsboat (Figures E and F), which besides runs connected FreeBSD, macOS and likely, if you consciousness similar compiling it from sources, connected immoderate different Unix spirit around. 

Like Liferea, Newsboat tin play podcasts, categorize your feeds and statement azygous quality arsenic you wish, and filter retired immoderate nonfiction astir uninteresting topics.

Figure E 


In Newsboat, you get quality announcements and thing else. No distraction is possible.

Figure F


Newsboat is arsenic spartan arsenic it is powerful.

As Figures E and F show, it would beryllium intolerable to get distracted by thing portion utilizing Newsboat. Its existent powerfulness is the quality to configure keyboard shortcuts to browse headlines faster oregon execute your ain macros to spell adjacent faster. If that's not enough, determination is simply a query connection to set meta feeds, provender pre-processing capabilities and, arsenic with Liferea, integration with online RSS aggregators.

Try these RSS aggregators, and fto america cognize successful the nonfiction comments however it goes.

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