AFL great roasts 'cringeworthy' young gun

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Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes has unloaded connected Richmond youngster Sydney Stack, criticising the the 21-year-old's "ridiculous" usage of societal media.

Cornes' comments came aft a caller interrogation successful the Herald Sun saw Tigers elite show manager Peter Burge uncover that Stack "still has immoderate enactment to bash with consistency of preparation".

Entering his 4th pre-season with the Tigers, Stack has shown immense potential. However, his 33-game AFL vocation has been marred by respective off-field incidents.

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Speaking connected SEN Breakfast, Cornes said Stack's absorption connected societal media stardom is distracting him from processing his football.

"How Richmond spell this twelvemonth is going to beryllium babelike connected however a batch of their younger players travel through," helium said.

"One of those is Sydney Stack. I cognize helium wasn't taken successful the apical 10 (of the 2019 draft) with Connor Rozee, Sam Walsh and Bailey Smith, but he's successful that concern of his career. He is arsenic arsenic talented arsenic immoderate of those... he's mislaid his mode a small spot for reasons that we cognize of.

"There's a spot of aged schoolhouse successful maine astir this. Whether idiosyncratic astatine Richmond has done it oregon not, oregon whether the caller epoch is to conscionable 'let individuals beryllium individuals and clasp societal media'.

"But there's thing successful maine that says, 'Sydney, enactment your societal media away, enactment your ridiculous TikTok videos away' — if you've watched them, they're cringeworthy, they're embarrassing — until you get a kick.

Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes. (Nine)

"He's achieved nothing, but helium has the capabilities to beryllium a very, precise bully 200-game player.

"For those Richmond fans who person seen his societal media videos, americium I excessively aged schoolhouse to deliberation that I could beryllium him down, shingle him, prohibition him from TikTok until helium gets a footwear and has immoderate success? Or is that not the mode it goes now?

"That's what they are saying publicly, that he's got a batch of enactment to do. Imagine what they're saying privately astir his mentation and his endurance and his tegument folds.

"What I'm disquieted astir is helium is wasting it. He's arsenic talented arsenic Rozee, Walsh and Smith, but I reckon he's wasting it."

Cornes besides said helium felt "very similar" astir the Bulldogs' erstwhile No.1 draught pick, Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, who is besides highly progressive connected societal media.

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