Aussie star's Messi-like goal stuns commentators

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Celtic's Australian prima Tom Rogic has drawn comparisons to arguably the top subordinate of all-time aft scoring a extremity of the play contender that had shades of Lionel Messi overnight.

Rogic, who has had a torrid conflict with injuries implicit the past 3 years, looked to beryllium backmost to highest carnal fittingness with an astounding show of strength, velocity and method arsenic helium slalomed his mode past 4 defenders earlier tucking the shot neatly past the goalkeeper into the bottommost country to enactment Celtic up 1-0 successful the 19th infinitesimal of their Scottish Premier League clash with Dundee United.

The extremity acceptable Ange Postecoglou's broadside connected their mode to a 3-0 win, making it 4 league wins successful a enactment to support the unit connected league leaders and fierce rivals Rangers, who presently beryllium 4 points clear.

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Tom Rogic makes it 1-0 to Celtic implicit Dundee United, finishing an unbelievable idiosyncratic extremity with this shot. (SNS Group via Getty Images)
Tom Rogic is mobbed by his Celtic teammates aft scoring a stunner. (SNS Group via Getty Images)

"Oh, that is rather superb," said the Sky Sports commentator calling the lucifer erstwhile Rogic netted.

"Tom Rogic with an implicit stunner to acceptable the code for Ange and Celtic."

"There's perfectly thing connected here," added the co-commentator.

"He creates this himself. It's a extremity of the play contender. He drifts past players, his feet are truthful quick. He finds himself fractional a gait and he's inactive capable to power his extremity product."

As Rogic celebrated, the broadcast chopped to his beaming manager Postecoglou connected the sideline, with the midfielder's erstwhile Socceroos brag applauding and punching the air.

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Ange Postecoglou congratulates Tom Rogic aft substituting the Celtic star. (SNS Group via Getty Images)

"Brilliant," Postecoglou said of Rogic's 27th extremity for Celtic aft the match.

"... he's 1 of these peculiar footballers. When the shot goes to him, I deliberation everyone conscionable stops to spot what he's going to bash due to the fact that if you're looking down astatine your telephone oregon taking a drink, you privation to halt everything you're doing.

"And it's not conscionable his technique. He's a beardown player, hard to sound disconnected the ball.

"But I've ever enjoyed coaching Tommy. I had him for a fig of years with the nationalist squad and, adjacent arsenic a manager, I get excited erstwhile he's retired determination playing his football.

"Tommy is 1 of those guys I instrumentality large pridefulness successful moving with and seeing him develop."

The extremity sparked a watercourse of plaudits and memes connected societal media, with 1 Photoshopped representation of Messi wearing Tom Rogic pyjamas and a large grin catching the attraction of fans.

It besides caught the oculus of erstwhile England planetary Trevor Sinclair, who described it arsenic a "brilliant mazy tally and finish".

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