Chappell's brutal takedown of England captain

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Cricket fable Ian Chappell has taken a stunning swipe astatine English Test skipper Joe Root.

Speaking connected Wide World of Sports' Outside The Rope, Chappell took a blowtorch to Root's governance saying helium is not "very good".

The comments are definite to adhd occurrence to cricket's oldest rivalry, the latest section of which begins astatine the Gabba connected Wednesday.

"I wouldn't interest excessively overmuch astir his captaincy, I don't deliberation that's precise good. He's got an imaginativeness occupation that is important successful Australia," Chappell said of Root.

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"His champion accidental with captaincy is if helium takes rather a spot of proposal from (Ben) Stokes, and Stokes establishes himself arsenic a precise assertive player."

Chappell besides suggested Root comes successful to bat astatine No.3 for this tour, fixed the weakness successful England's batting lineup.

"The question I would inquire Joe is wherefore don't you bat astatine three?" helium said.

Opposing captains Pat Cummins and Joe Root astatine the Gabba connected Sunday. (Getty)

"I've ever believed that you are amended disconnected coming successful astatine 1 for not precise galore than 2 for not precise many, and no-one has truly proved that they tin bat astatine three.

"Joe has got each the credentials to bat astatine three, there's ne'er going to beryllium a amended clip for him to bat astatine No.3 due to the fact that he's successful terrific form, but helium conscionable won't look to bat astatine No.3.

"He mightiness get fortunate successful Australia, and No.3 it could beryllium (Dawid) Malan, and Malan I think's a reasonably decent player. If Malan has a bully bid astatine 3 and keeps Joe distant from the bowling for a portion past it's got a accidental astatine working.

"But, I wouldn't beryllium trusting to luck, I'd beryllium saying if I was Joe, 'I'm batting astatine three'".

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