Chrome OS, Linux, macOS or Windows: The benefits of each OS for your laptop

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Unsure of which operating strategy you privation to tally connected your laptop? Jack Wallen offers immoderate cardinal benefits of the disposable choices.


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Laptops are an indispensable portion of hardware that are acold much flexible than desktops, simply due to the fact that of their portability. With a laptop, you're not constrained to a desk. Want to enactment successful a antithetic country of your bureau oregon home? Unplug and go. Traveling? Laptop.

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I usage desktops and laptops extensively. Most of my days are spent moving betwixt the two, depending connected the task oregon my request to migrate distant from my desk. But precocious I was asked what operating strategy was champion suited for a laptop. Naturally, being a spot proponent of open source, I wanted to say, "Linux!" But the much I pondered the question, the much I realized each operating strategy has it's pros for laptop use. The cardinal origin is which OS champion fits your needs.

To that end, I'll database retired the benefits of each operating strategy for laptop use. That mode you tin instrumentality a look astatine the database and spot which OS champion suits your laptop needs. And with that said, let's get to those pros.

Chrome OS

Let's commencement with Google's operating strategy that powers the millions upon millions of chromebooks that person been deployed crossed the globe. One of the biggest benefits this operating strategy has to connection is its simplicity. Chrome OS is astir arsenic casual to usage arsenic an operating strategy tin be. That's by design, and the plan is beauteous slick. Anyone (and I bash mean anyone) tin follow Chrome OS with precise small effort. The simplicity doesn't extremity with utilizing the browser and apps, arsenic it besides applies to the configuration of the OS. There are fundamentally 2 configuration tools—one for the Chrome browser and 1 for the OS—both of which are akin successful plan and usage.

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But simplicity isn't the lone payment of Chrome OS. This OS is besides incredibly accelerated to boot. From commencement to login, you won't find a faster operating strategy for laptops. And the velocity doesn't extremity with the footwear process. Chrome OS renders web pages quickly, opens web apps successful a blink and adjacent runs Android and Linux apps astatine near-native speeds. 

Key benefits:

  • Speed
  • Simplicity


One of the biggest benefits of Linux is its flexibility. With Linux you get to enactment precisely however you want. If you don't similar an interface … alteration it retired for thing else. Don't similar GNOME, usage KDE. Don't similar Ubuntu, usage immoderate of the hundreds of disposable distributions. Linux is precise overmuch similar your laptop—it's not tied down to immoderate 1 thing.

Flexibility isn't the lone payment of utilizing Linux connected a laptop. Unlike immoderate different operating systems, Linux performs rather good connected hardware that isn't precisely bleeding edge. Although Linux does tally precise good connected modern hardware, it's conscionable arsenic astatine location connected older laptops. In different words, that laptop that won't tally Windows 11, volition tally astir apt each Linux organisation connected the marketplace similar a champ.

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Along with that flexibility, comes an unmatched reliability. Linux works. Period. And it'll proceed moving with precise small contented for a long, agelong time. You won't person crashes oregon suffer precious productivity to lengthy upgrades (that tin sometimes easy spell south). It's a precise uncommon juncture that I spot a azygous occupation hap with the Linux operating system.

Another payment of Linux connected laptops is that it's free. You don't person to wage for a licence to usage the operating system, and you'll besides find thousands upon thousands of escaped apps to instal from immoderate app store is included connected your organisation of choice. 

Finally (and this cannot beryllium stressed enough), Linux is acold much unafraid than the competition. And erstwhile you're traveling with your laptop, connecting to wireless networks of questionable information means, having a unafraid operating strategy could mean the quality betwixt you keeping your information oregon it falling into the hands of the incorrect people.

Key benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effective
  • Security


The biggest payment of macOS connected a laptop is that is conscionable works. The interoperability of macOS is, hands down, the champion of the best. You cognize erstwhile you're utilizing macOS connected a laptop that not lone everything volition work, but astir thing you propulsion astatine the laptop volition relation precisely arsenic you expect it … with precise small effort. The hardware/software integration is, barroom none, the champion connected the market.

MacOS connected laptops is besides 1 of the much elegant operating systems you'll ever use. Every constituent of the interface is good designed and flows unneurotic arsenic if it were made for 1 different (because it was). This seamlessness of the OS besides lends it an unthinkable reliability.

Like Linux, macOS is rather secure. Although I wouldn't enactment it connected the aforesaid level arsenic Linux, it's surely supra Windows and Chrome OS (the lone sound connected Chrome OS being the Chrome browser). 

Finally, macOS rivals Linux for reliability. MacOS is arsenic stone coagulated arsenic they come.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless interoperability/integration
  • Elegance
  • Reliability
  • Security


The biggest payment of Windows is that it's everywhere. Go to Walmart, and you'll find Windows-based laptops. The ubiquity of Windows has the broadside effect of it moving good with astir hardware. This besides means there's a batch of bundle available. In fact, if you person a need, Windows has an app to capable it. Along those aforesaid lines, if you've purchased a peripheral (such arsenic a brace of Bluetooth headphones, a printer, a scanner, a microphone, etc.), it's precise apt it volition enactment with Windows. Most often, the worst-case script is you'll request to instal a operator for the hardware, and you're bully to go.

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Windows is besides familiar. Most everyone has utilized the Windows interface astatine immoderate point, which means they don't person to deliberation astir it. The windows desktop metaphor is ingrained successful society. Click the Start fastener and motorboat an application. Easy-peasy.

Key benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Well supported
  • Found anywhere


And thus, the prime is yours. But 1 happening to support successful caput (that I didn't fuss to mention) is that Linux, macOS and Windows each marque it precise casual for you to instal software, acknowledgment to well-designed app stores. And adjacent Chrome OS allows you to instal web apps from the Chrome Web Store.

In the end, each of these operating systems volition service you good connected a laptop. Which OS is champion suited for you volition beryllium connected which operation of benefits you find champion suits your needs.

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