Cummins reveals why Travis Head made the cut

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New Australian Test skipper Pat Cummins conceded determination was astir apt astir 2 twelve players helium would person happily picked for the archetypal Ashes Test, earlier unveiling his archetypal line-up arsenic skipper.

The No.5 presumption had been the 1 root of enigma successful Australia's line-up up of the opening Test, with Travis Head and Usman Khawaja the 2 players contending for the role, earlier Head was confirmed arsenic the starter.

While Head was dropped aft past year's Boxing Day Test against India, helium has recovered signifier astatine the home level since, with a Shield period past week capable to unafraid his spot.

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"Trav's been a large subordinate for our squad implicit the past fewer years - helium didn't play present past year, helium missed retired connected the last crippled of the summertime and helium benignant of got asked by the selectors to spell away, enactment connected his game," Cummins said.

The skipper said Khawaja's acquisition was invaluable to the squad but that Head had earned his spot.

"He's gone implicit to England, he's churned retired runs for South Australia, truthful he's acceptable to go."

Opposing captains Pat Cummins and Joe Root astatine the Gabba connected Sunday. (Getty)

Cummins shared the signifier with counterpart Joe Root up of Wednesday's time 1 - and said that his caller relation hadn't afloat sunk successful yet.

"When we locomotion retired present connected time 1 and spot a packed house, and spot each the TV cameras and the commencement of the summertime feels similar it's here, I deliberation that's erstwhile it volition deed me," Cummins said.

He besides defended the inclusion of Mitchell Starc successful the XI, saying his assemblage of enactment spoke for itself, labelling a batch of the disapproval towards his chap speedy arsenic unfair.

"Probably the past 10 years is capable to spell on," helium said erstwhile asked what it was that had stood retired successful regards to Starc's selection.

"Just an unthinkable player, bowler. I deliberation onslaught complaint nether 50 successful Test cricket, that doesn't travel astir excessively often. So I deliberation erstwhile you look astatine his record, what helium brings to the team, he's close up determination with 1 of the champion bowlers we've had for Australian cricket.

"We backmost him fully."

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