Developer recruiting report finds that diversity goals often take a back seat to filling open roles quickly

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Annual Hackerearth survey finds that Glassdoor reviews and a company's civilization leafage are the astir influential for attracting caller candidates.


The 2021 State of Developer Recruitment Report asked astir diverseness successful hiring. Among HR leaders, 30% agreed they would prioritize accomplishment implicit diverseness and 18% powerfully agreed. Among engineering managers, 37% agreed they would marque this tradeoff and 24% powerfully agreed.

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Both HR leaders and hiring managers are speedy to driblet diverseness goals successful speech for filling an engineering occupation quickly, according to a caller survey from HackerEarth. The yearly survey recovered that 48% of HR respondents and 61% of tech leads hold they would "rather prosecute a skilled non-diverse idiosyncratic than a moderately skilled idiosyncratic from a divers background."

The 2021 State of Developer Recruitment Report surveyed 2,500 HR and engineering leaders crossed assorted industries and locations. The survey besides asked astir compromising connected campaigner prime to capable a presumption quickly. Forty-nine percent of engineering respondents agreed with this connection and 36% of HR leaders did. 

Forty percent of respondents said that they are hiring up to 100 employees portion 31% said they volition prosecute much than 100 caller people. Back-end engineers are successful the astir request with front-end, artificial quality and instrumentality learning, DevOps and information subject coming successful adjacent behind. 

Despite this propulsion to capable truthful galore positions, companies person not dramatically updated the hiring process. About a 3rd of respondents said they don't usage an appraisal instrumentality during interviews, relying alternatively connected resume filtering and telephone interviews. Respondents who don't usage interrogation tools besides said they usage a video interrogation to inquire candidates to explicate instrumentality location assignments. Another communal attack is to usage a video interrogation and an integrated improvement environment.

The survey recovered that 40% developers would similar to usage a dedicated interrogation platform, an summation implicit the erstwhile year's survey.

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Among respondents who truthful usage coding interrogation tools, a smoother campaigner acquisition and standardized valuation were the apical benefits. In presumption of caller options from these tools, users are looking for automated afloat stack tests, features that usage artificial quality and earthy connection processing and semi-automated interviews.

Both HR and engineering respondents database problem-solving abilities arsenic the astir important constituent for candidates with little than 2 years of nonrecreational experience, portion systems architecture plan is the apical precedence for radical with much than six years of experience.

Survey respondents listed societal media, Glassdoor reviews and institution civilization pages arsenic civilization measures with the highest interaction connected sourcing caller candidates. Both HR leaders and hiring managers agreed that employers request to amended their branding efforts to amended hiring. Engineering managers said they needed to amended developer sourcing and teardrop down the silos betwixt the tech and HR teams.

Finally, the survey recovered that hackathons are becoming much important to gathering the interior civilization of a institution arsenic opposed to serving arsenic a hiring tool. Survey respondents recovered these events adjuvant for interdepartmental collaboration, thought generation, solving concern problems and improving morale.


The Hackerearth survey besides asked astir however apt HR and engineering leaders are to compromise connected campaigner quality. Among HR leaders, 24% powerfully agreed with that thought and 12% powerfully agreed.

Among engineering leaders, 35% agreed they would commercialized prime for velocity successful hiring and 14% powerfully agreed.

Image: Hackerearth

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