Djokovic loophole claims rejected by Tennis Australia

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Tennis Australia has reiterated that players competing astatine adjacent month's Australian Open indispensable conscionable strict wellness requirements, amid speculation Novak Djokovic volition question a aesculapian exemption to vie astatine Melbourne Park.

The satellite No.1, who has repeatedly refused to disclose his vaccination status, was yesterday announced arsenic a subordinate of the Serbian squad for the ATP Cup, which volition beryllium played successful Sydney from January 1.

Djokovic has won the past 3 Australian Opens, and would beryllium chasing a grounds 21st expansive slam rubric if helium competes successful Melbourne.

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Novak Djokovic is yet to uncover his vaccination status. (Getty)

"We tin corroborate that everyone entering Australia for the summertime of tennis volition request to conscionable the strict requirements acceptable by wellness authorities crossed the country," a TA spokesperson said.

"These see certified impervious of vaccination, oregon a valid aesculapian exemption approved by Australian aesculapian officials.

"What has besides been made wide by wellness officials is that planetary arrivals who don't conscionable these requirements volition request to quarantine for 14 days."

Any aesculapian exemption would request to beryllium signed disconnected by a sheet of autarkic aesculapian experts, portion Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has antecedently said the authorities would not beryllium applying for immoderate exemption to let unvaccinated players to participate the state without serving 14 days quarantine.

Speaking to Nine past month, TA brag Craig Tiley said the mandatory vaccination regularisation applied to each players.

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley talks Omicron variant, Novak Djokovic status

"It's been made precise clear, erstwhile the Premier announced respective weeks agone that successful bid to enactment astatine the Australian Open, to travel into Victoria, you'll request to beryllium afloat vaccinated," helium said.

"Immediately we communicated that to the playing group, it is the 1 absorption that you instrumentality that is going to guarantee everyone's safety.

"All the playing radical understands it, our patrons volition request to beryllium vaccinated, each the unit moving astatine the Australian Open volition request to beryllium vaccinated.

"But erstwhile we're successful a authorities wherever there's much than 90 per cent of the colonisation afloat vaccinated, they've done a magnificent occupation with that, it's the close happening to do."

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