Five free or open-source healthcare software tools ready to serve and help heal

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If you're a tiny session oregon infirmary connected a precise choky budget, you mightiness see 1 of these bundle tools to assistance empower your organization.

Healthcare is simply a tricky taxable to screen from conscionable astir immoderate angle. One of the large issues is the strict privateness laws that govern the industry, which marque it challenging for bundle to not conscionable beryllium created but maintained implicit time. Because of this, it's not casual coming up with coagulated open-source solutions. Such bundle has travel and gone implicit the years (most person gone), but immoderate person managed to instrumentality around.

I privation to item 5 specified disposable tools, 4 of which are escaped and open-source, and 1 that is free. All 5 of these tools are cross-platform.

With that said, let's instrumentality a look astatine what's disposable for modern healthcare businesses to marque usage of.



The OpenEMR strategy offers each diagnostic you'd request to tally your organization.

Image: OpenEMR

Do immoderate hunt for open-source healthcare systems, and OpenEMR volition ever beryllium either connected apical of oregon adjacent the apical of each list. There's a bully crushed for that. OpenEMR is not conscionable a coagulated introduction for an open-source tool, it's coagulated for immoderate licence model. 

OpenEMR includes prescribing, CMS reporting, laboratory integration, precocious security, objective determination rules, diligent demographics, diligent portal, papers management, assemblage support, a telehealth module and more. OpenEMR is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR certified and has a precise progressive assemblage of volunteers to enactment the platform. 

OpenEMR offers a afloat functioning demo and tin beryllium tally connected Linux and Windows arsenic good arsenic via Docker and from wrong AWS Cloud.




OpenMRS is elemental and effectual to usage for clinics and different healthcare institutions.

Image: OpenMRS

OpenMRS is different open-source platform. Unlike OpenEMR, OpenMRS is focused connected aesculapian records. The extremity of OpenMRS is to amended healthcare transportation to resource-constrained environments. OpenMRS is not conscionable an open-source aesculapian records system, but a assemblage of developers, users, and implementers moving toward a instauration of unfastened absorption of aesculapian information. 

OpenMRS features diligent repository, information and reporting, cohort management, diligent workflow management, privilege-based access, aggregate identifiers per patient, modular architecture, diligent merging and relationships, localization, analyzable information enactment and idiosyncratic attributes. One of the astir important features of OpenMRS is the interoperability of information and the quality to adhd caller functions without having to modify the halfway code. 

OpenMRS tin tally connected Linux, macOS and Windows.




Hospital Run offers an outstanding interface that anyone tin use.

Image: HospitalRun

One of the cardinal features of HospitalRun is that it was designed to let records to beryllium carried from a infirmary to distant clients, which means the level tin enactment either connected oregon offline. 

Hospital tally has a precise idiosyncratic affable interface that makes it elemental to negociate inventory, diligent information, diligent assessments and procedures, appointments, labs, imaging and medication. HospitalRun is perfect for clinics located successful agrarian areas, wherever net connectivity isn't reliable (or adjacent available). 

This level focuses connected usability arsenic its superior requirement, truthful the UX is apical notch. The developers besides wanted to guarantee users weren't having to walk inordinate amounts of clip utilizing the software, truthful they focused a bully woody of effort ensuring astir communal tasks tin beryllium done quickly.


Open Hospital


Open Hospital is easy installed connected Linux, macOS and Windows.

Image: Open Hospital

Open Hospital is our last open-source platform, 1 geared to assistance successful the digitization of infirmary information portion minimizing the cognition required to marque usage of the system. 

By plan Open Hospital makes it imaginable for facilities without skilled resources oregon enactment to marque usage of a well-designed physics objective information platform. Open Hospital has been utilized successful galore countries and includes features specified arsenic diligent registration and admission, outpatient management, ward and exam management, gestation management, pharmacy management, malnutrition power management, billing and vaccine databases.

Open Hospital



Solismed offers a idiosyncratic interface that is cleanable and simple.

Image: Solismed

Solismed is the lone instrumentality successful the database that isn't unfastened source. It is, nevertheless escaped to use. 

This level was designed to automate galore of the day-to-day activities, digitize diligent records and facilitate amended connection betwixt staff. Solismed includes features specified arsenic a regular dashboard, interaction records, schedules, ancillaries, interior messaging, billing, reports, gathering operations, payments, templates and more. 

Solismed tin beryllium deployed escaped for 5 progressive users, meaning it's truly lone escaped for tiny clinics. If your enactment has much than 5 users, you indispensable wage $500 for 5 much users. Another drawback with Solismed is that, though insignificant upgrades are free, large upgrades volition outgo you 50% of the licence fee. Of course, if you're lone utilizing Solismed for a tiny session of less than 5 users, large upgrades are free.


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