Furious Mercedes boss rages at 'crazy' Verstappen

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Max Verstappen's driving is nether occurrence aft a chaotic and disfigured Saudi Arabia Grand Prix that saw the Red Bull operator slapped with 2 abstracted clip penalties.

The Dutchman was initially fixed a five-second clip punishment for leaving the way and gaining a lasting vantage during his combat with Lewis Hamilton, but it was their consequent collision arsenic Verstappen slowed to fto the Mercedes walk that drew important condemnation.

Hamilton claimed helium was brake tested by a "crazy" Verstappen, who was past handed a 10-second punishment aft stewards ruled helium "braked successful a mode which caused a collision."

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Neither punishment had an interaction connected Verstappen's position, fixed helium was good wide of third-placed Valtteri Bottas.

TV footage showed Mercedes brag Toto Wolff screaming successful vexation arsenic Hamilton and Verstappen collided, earlier throwing his headset down successful disgust.

"I don't privation to person soiled laundry successful here, that was spectacular, but not a bully race," Wolff told Sky Sports aft the race.

Mercedes brag Toto Wolff loses his chill arsenic Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collide. (Sky Sports)

"It's truly the driving that needs to beryllium assessed and looked at, it's hard, precise hard, we conscionable privation to person a cleanable title and whitethorn the champion antheral win."

Former driver, present commentator Martin Brundle spoke for galore erstwhile helium said the Red Bull operator had crossed the line.

"Verstappen's got to look astatine his driving standards. That was excessively overmuch today," helium said.

But the Dutchman, who leads the title connected countback heading to the last race, deed retired astatine the penalties that were assessed by the stewards.

Told that he'd been voted 'Driver of the Day' by F1 fans, the Red Bull operator said the athletics had mislaid its way.

"Luckily the fans person a wide caput astir racing due to the fact that what happened contiguous is unbelievable," helium said.

"I'm conscionable trying to contention and this athletics these days is much astir penalties than astir racing.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton. (Getty)

"For maine this is not Formula 1 but astatine slightest the fans enjoyed it."

Hamilton and Verstappen are level connected 369.5 points each with conscionable adjacent weekend's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix remaining.

If neither operator finished, Verstappen would beryllium awarded the satellite title by virtuousness of the information helium has 9 wins this play to Hamilton's eight.

It would beryllium the archetypal clip successful past a countback is utilized to determine the champion.

Verstappen maintained helium wasn't to blasted for the collision with Hamilton.

"I wanted to fto him by, truthful I'm connected the close but helium didn't privation to overtake and past we touched," helium said.

"I don't truly recognize what happened there."

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