How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

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It is imaginable to alteration the default hunt motor successful Microsoft Edge, but predictably the mounting is buried heavy wrong the paper system. We assistance you navigate the labyrinth.


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The Microsoft Edge web browser serves arsenic the default browser for Windows idiosyncratic computers. For the astir part, Edge fulfills its default relation well, and astir users are satisfied to usage it for wide web browsing, but for 1 glaring problem—Bing is Edge's default hunt engine.

While Microsoft's Bing hunt motor has vastly improved implicit the years, if you took a canvass of users, they would apt archer you Google's hunt motor is superior. (It is my idiosyncratic preference.) It is imaginable to alteration the default hunt motor successful Microsoft Edge, but predictably the institution has buried the settings allowing the alteration heavy wrong the paper system.

This how-to tutorial shows you however to alteration the default Bing hunt motor successful Microsoft Edge to Google Search oregon immoderate different hunt engine.

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Change the default hunt motor successful Microsoft Edge

First, let's concisely sermon wherefore you mightiness privation to alteration default browsers. Take a look astatine Figure A: the side-by-side examination shows results for the aforesaid hunt of people w kaelin (yours truly).

Figure A


As you tin spot the archetypal effect matches for some hunt engines, but aft that Bing provides fishy results and level retired incorrect results, whereas Google provides links to my societal media. Simply put, which acceptable of results would you prefer?

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To alteration the default hunt motor successful Microsoft Edge, commencement the Edge browser and grow the settings paper by clicking the 3 dots located successful the right-hand country of the navigation bar. From the menu, arsenic shown successful Figure B, prime the Settings item.

Figure B


On the Settings page, shown successful Figure C, we privation to find and prime the "Privacy, hunt and services" paper point successful the left-hand navigation bar. If that point is not connected the navigation bar, click the grow paper fastener (three horizontal lines) adjacent to Settings successful the rubric box.

Figure C


Once the privateness settings are selected, scroll down the leafage (Figure D) until you find an introduction with the statement "Address barroom and search." It volition apt beryllium located each the mode astatine the bottommost of the list.

Figure D


Scroll down the adjacent leafage (Figure E) to yet find the mounting we are searching for called "Search motor utilized successful the code bar." Click the down paper fastener to uncover a acceptable of communal alternatives to Bing.

Figure E


Search motor choices nether this dropdown paper see Bing, Yahoo, Google and DuckDuckGo. If nary of those choices entreaty to you, click the "Manage hunt engines" nexus spell to a leafage that volition let you to adhd immoderate alternate hunt motor you would like.

It is important to enactment that this alteration of default hunt motor successful Edge lone applies to searches conducted from the Edge code bar. To unit Edge to usage your caller prime of hunt motor adjacent erstwhile typing your hunt presumption successful the default hunt box, alteration the mounting labeled "Search connected caller tabs uses hunt container oregon code bar" to accidental Address Bar arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure F


Now, nary substance wherever you commencement your hunt enquiry successful Microsoft Edge, the browser volition usage the hunt motor you chose and not the default Bing.

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