How to create a fun Fly In effect in PowerPoint

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This animation lets you exposure graphics successful a cut-out circle. It's eye-catching and casual to make successful Microsoft PowerPoint.

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PowerPoint's animations supply a wealthiness of effects that are casual to instrumentality and chill successful action. As usual, it's prudent to punctual you that successful PowerPoint, elemental is usually best. That's what makes the Fly In animation that you'll larn successful this nonfiction truthful effective. It's casual to create, it's neat to watch, and there's a satellite of opportunities for putting it to use.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. For your convenience, you tin download the objection .pptx and .ppt files. The finished descent is the archetypal slide; the different 3 amusement the animation arsenic it's enactment together.

The pieces of the animation successful PowerPoint

Like astir animations, this 1 requires a fewer pieces that you'll insert oregon make earlier you commencement animating. To begin, you'll adhd a rectangle to a blank descent and bash the champion you tin to mimic immoderate taxable oregon plan that appears connected different slides. Next, you'll adhd circles (or immoderate different shape) to the descent and usage the Subtract enactment to leave holes that exposure the underlying slide. Place your icons oregon pictures successful the circles and usage the Arrange instrumentality to determination them down the rectangle. Finally, adhd the Fly In animation to the icons.

The last number is 8 pieces:

  • Slide
  • Rectangle
  • Circles (we'll usage three)
  • Icons (three, to lucifer the circles)

Figure A shows the resulting slide. Of course, you can't spot the movement, but you tin if you download the objection .pptx oregon .ppt file. The icons and inheritance usage minimal effort, truthful we tin absorption connected the technique.

Figure A


  Using the Fly In animation creates a amusive peek at hidden icons.

If you privation to usage this benignant of descent and you privation the descent to repetition the taxable oregon design, I urge that you usage a elemental plan that tin beryllium easy replicated successful a rectangle. In addition, if you are utilizing a taxable oregon design, you'll request to insert a blank descent to make this animation.

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How to insert the rectangle successful PowerPoint

To make the circles that exposure the icons, you request an other layer—that's wherever the rectangle comes in. Simply insert a rectangle that covers the full slide. Apply the due plan to lucifer the remainder of the slides if possible. To support things simple, we'll use a subtle gradient inheritance arsenic follows:

  1. To insert a rectangle, click the Insert tab.
  2. In the Illustrations group, click the Shapes dropdown and take Rectangle. Click and resistance to size.
  3. Click the contextual Shape Format tab.
  4. From the Shape Fill dropdown (in the Shape Styles group), take Gradient and past take immoderate gradient you similar (Figure B). This descent doesn't person to lucifer each the different slides successful your presentation; if not, a subtle alteration would beryllium champion unless you person a crushed to distract your assemblage a bit. For the astir part, you'll privation the plan to travel from 1 descent to the next. A descent that's drastically antithetic from the others tin beryllium a spot unsettling—but possibly that's what you want.

Figure B


  Use a rectangle to fell the slide.

With the rectangle successful place, it's clip to determination connected to the adjacent step: the circles.

How to insert the circles successful PowerPoint

The illustration descent (Figure A) has 3 circles. You tin usage lone 1 oregon several, but excessively galore volition spoil the mood. Use the Shapes dropdown again to insert an oval portion holding down the Shift cardinal to make a cleanable circle. With the ellipse inactive selected, property Ctrl and resistance (twice) to transcript the archetypal circle. Position the circles, and if necessary, usage the Align options (in the Arrange radical connected the Shape Format tab) to align them and administer the abstraction betwixt them.

The icons volition look successful these circles. To marque that happen, we request to subtract the circles from the rectangle, exposing the underlying slide, arsenic follows:

  1. Select each the pieces—the rectangle and each 3 slides. To bash so, clasp down the Ctrl cardinal portion you click each piece.
  2. If necessary, click the contextual Shape Format tab.
  3. In the Insert Shapes group, click the Merge Shapes dropdown, and take Subtract. Doing truthful volition cut out 3 circles successful the rectangle, arsenic shown successful Figure C.

Figure C


  Use Subtract to chopped holes successful the rectangle.

How to presumption the icons successful PowerPoint

We'll animate icons to look successful the cut-out circles, and arsenic yet, we don't person immoderate icons oregon clipart. We'll insert immoderate elemental ones from banal for the example, but you tin insert immoderate graphic you like. Don't enactment excessively hard to insert them close successful the circles due to the fact that you tin presumption and resize them astatine immoderate time. To insert and presumption an icon, bash the following:

  1. Click the Insert tab and take Icons successful the Illustrations group. 
  2. In the resulting window, take 3 icons and click Insert. (The Icons enactment should already beryllium selected.) To prime aggregate icons astatine once, clasp down the Ctrl cardinal portion you click icons.
  3. After inserting the icons, resistance them to the circles, arsenic shown successful Figure D. Resize if necessary.

Figure D


  Position icons successful the cutouts.

Position icons successful the cutouts.

Simple icons are champion for this peculiar animation. In addition, beryllium definite to take the aforesaid format. For instance, each of the icons successful this illustration are elemental enactment sketches successful achromatic and white. You wouldn't privation to propulsion successful a coagulated icon oregon 1 with a antithetic colored enactment unless you had a circumstantial crushed for doing so. Simplicity and consistency are best.

Instead of icons, you could besides take Pictures successful the Images group. If you program to administer something, beryllium definite to get support from the creator oregon usage lone Stock Images pictures. Many Common License are escaped and don't necessitate credit, but marque definite you cheque that earlier distributing; immoderate creator volition necessitate credit.  

Once you insert the icons, you're acceptable to adhd the animation.

How to adhd the Fly In animation successful PowerPoint

We're conscionable astir done. Everything's successful place, and we're acceptable to adhd the animation to the icons. To bash so, prime the icon you privation to exposure first. Then, click the Animations tab and click Fly In from the Animation gallery. If Fly In isn't visible, click the gallery's More button. Fly In is an Entrance animation. Apply the aforesaid animation to the different 2 icons successful the bid you privation them to appear. Figure E shows the animation IDs to the top-left of each icon. You tin usage the Animation Pane to use much properties, but for this example, we won't request to alteration thing else.

Figure E


  Animate the icons.

At this point, you're acceptable to tally the animation! Press F5 and click 3 times to show each 3 icons.

Does thing look a spot off? As is, you tin spot the icons flying successful from the bottommost of the slide, and that's not what we want. To execute the look of abruptly appearing successful the circle, we request to nonstop each icon to the back, truthful it's not disposable connected apical of the slide. Click each 3 icons and take Send To Back from the Send Backward enactment successful the Arrange radical connected the contextual Graphics Format tab.

Now, effort it again and announcement the difference—it's overmuch better! The icons look to alert successful from the bottommost of the ellipse alternatively of the bottommost of the slide.

If you're utilizing the objection presentation, the last descent is the archetypal slide. It's a elemental technique, and by utilizing the Click On timing, you tin power erstwhile the icons appear. 

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