How to lock a Zoom meeting to keep out unwanted guests

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One bully mode to forestall unwelcome participants oregon precocious arrivals from joining your Zoom meetings is to fastener those meetings. Here's a look astatine however it's done.


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You privation to beryllium capable to forestall unwanted visitors from barging successful connected 1 of your Zoom meetings. One enactment is to fastener the meeting. When you fastener a meeting, the visitant receives a notification telling them that it's locked. If necessary, you tin easy unlock an existing gathering to let latecomers to participate. Here's however it works.

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Before you docket oregon commencement your Zoom meeting, alert each imaginable participants that the gathering volition beryllium locked astatine a definite point, specified arsenic 10 minutes aft it has started. This way, they cognize that radical who are precocious won't beryllium capable to join.

Start your Zoom meeting. Set up immoderate information requirements you wish. For example, alteration a waiting country to cheque a gathering subordinate earlier allowing them to join. After each the valid participants person joined, you tin fastener the gathering truthful that nary 1 other tin hop onboard. To bash this, click connected the Security fastener and prime Lock Meeting (Figure A).

Figure A


Now, let's accidental idiosyncratic other tries to join, either an unwanted alien oregon a idiosyncratic who was expected to be the gathering but has arrived late. After entering the gathering ID and passcode, that idiosyncratic volition person a connection connected the surface saying: "Unable to articulation this meeting. Host has locked the meeting." (Figure B).

Figure B


The downside with locking a Zoom gathering is that you're incapable to spot the names of anyone who tries to articulation the gathering to find whether oregon not they're a morganatic participant. This means that locking the gathering whitethorn beryllium little applicable than utilizing a waiting country wherever you tin presumption and o.k. each attendee. In this case, the lone enactment for idiosyncratic locked retired of the gathering is to interaction the big to spot if it tin beryllium unlocked truthful that they tin join. Otherwise, the idiosyncratic won't beryllium capable to participate.

To unlock a meeting, click the Security fastener and uncheck the enactment for Lock Meeting (Figure C).

Figure C


You'll past request to telephone oregon email the latecomer to pass them that the gathering is present accessible for them. Afterwards, you tin again fastener the meeting.

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