How to mirror your Android device on Linux, macOS and Windows

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Looking for a mode to interact with your Android instrumentality connected your desktop oregon laptop? If so, Jack Wallen has conscionable the instrumentality for you.


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How galore platforms bash you use? How galore devices bash you use? If you're similar me, the reply to those 2 questions tin get a spot overwhelming. At immoderate fixed infinitesimal I'll person a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone unfastened and successful use. 

All successful the sanction of content.

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Sometimes it's bully erstwhile those devices tin beryllium consolidated. So, erstwhile I discovered a small instrumentality called scrcpy, I was thrilled. Why? Because I could easy reflector my Android telephone connected my desktop and interact with it without having to ever beryllium picking up the device. 

Now, determination are a mates of caveats to this. I can't unlock my Pixel 6 telephone from the desktop (because it requires a fingerprint). Nor tin I instrumentality calls from the desktop. I tin reply calls from the mirrored mentation of Android, but I person to instantly power to speakerphone oregon prime up the instrumentality to really talk to the caller. Unless said caller is spam … past I tin conscionable artifact 'em from wrong the mirrored model (which I ever do).

Anyway, backmost to scrcpy.

This small instrumentality is simply a existent gem for those who multitask beyond what the quality carnal should beryllium susceptible of. So, let's get connected with the how-to.

What you'll request

To marque this work, you'll request an Android device, moving astatine slightest Android 5. You'll besides request a desktop oregon laptop moving Linux, macOS oregon Windows (Chromebooks request not apply). I'll beryllium demonstrating connected Pop!_OS, truthful you'll request to set the scrcpy installation instructions arsenic needed. Finally, you'll request Developer Options enabled connected your Android device.

How to alteration developer options

Before you tin usage scrcpy, you'll request to alteration Developer options. To bash this, unfastened Settings and find About Phone. Scroll down to Build Number and pat that introduction 7 times. After the seventh tap, Developer options volition beryllium enabled.

Next, you indispensable alteration USB debugging. To bash that, spell to System | Developer Options. In the resulting model (Figure A), pat the On/Off slider for USB debugging until it's successful the On position.

Figure A


USB debugging indispensable beryllium enabled for this to work.

How to instal scrcpy

We tin present instal scrcpy. Although the exertion is disposable via the default app repositories, that mentation is retired of day and broken. Because of this, we're going to instal via snap. Open a terminal model and instal scrcpy with the command:

sudo drawback instal scrcpy

Once the installation is complete, adjacent and re-open the terminal window. 

How to usage scrcpy

Plug your Android instrumentality into your desktop oregon laptop. You should spot a popup connected the show asking if you privation to let USB debugging for the instrumentality (Figure B).

Figure B


Allow USB debugging for your Android instrumentality oregon scrcpy won't work.

Next, spell backmost to the terminal window. Issue the command:


A caller model should open, mirroring immoderate is connected your Android instrumentality (Figure C).

Figure C


My Pixel 6 is present being mirrored connected my Pop!_OS desktop, displaying the TechRepublic tract alongside Firefox.

You tin present usage your rodent to constituent and click your mode astir Android. One happening to note, to resistance down the notification shadiness you click and clasp the near rodent fastener and resistance down. The aforesaid happening holds existent for immoderate enactment that requires a swipe up, swipe close oregon swipe left.

The scrcpy instrumentality is simply a large (and simple) mode to interact with your Android instrumentality connected Linux, macOS oregon Windows. If you're arsenic engaged arsenic I am, you'll greatly admit this tool.

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