How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

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You tin grounds a Teams video gathering truthful that anyone tin ticker it afterward. Here are the steps.

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You privation a grounds of your Microsoft Teams gathering truthful that radical who participated successful the gathering arsenic good arsenic those who missed it tin reappraisal it. You tin easy grounds your meeting. By default, the gathering signaling is saved to your OneDrive oregon SharePoint retention space. You tin location it and stock it via the unreality oregon download the signaling to your section device.

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Recordings tin beryllium started and stopped by gathering organizers and radical from the aforesaid enactment but not by those from outer organizations oregon guests. The signaling continues adjacent if the idiosyncratic who started it leaves the meeting. The signaling automatically ends aft each participants person left.

How to grounds a Microsoft Teams meeting

First, marque definite you're signed successful with your enactment oregon schoolhouse account. Start the meeting. When you scope the portion erstwhile you privation to statesman the recording, click the ellipsis icon astatine the apical and prime Start Recording (Figure A).

Figure A


A connection pops up informing gathering attendees that you're signaling this gathering and that you should fto everyone cognize that they're being recorded. Dismiss the message.

You tin power what gets recorded during the meeting. If much than 1 camera is enabled successful Teams, you tin power the presumption to a antithetic camera. To bash this, click the ellipsis icon successful the little near and prime the enactment for Switch camera. The presumption volition power to the adjacent camera disposable (Figure B).

Figure B


You tin besides take your ain video provender to beryllium the spotlighted 1 truthful that it volition beryllium included successful the recording. To bash this, click the ellipsis icon and prime the enactment for Spotlight for Everyone. At the confirmation message, click the fastener for Spotlight for Everyone (Figure C). To exit this mode, click the fastener astatine the apical for Exit spotlight.

Figure C


When the gathering is finished oregon you conscionable privation to halt the recording, pat the reddish signaling fastener successful the precocious near oregon click the ellipsis icon and prime Stop Recording (Figure D). Click the Stop Recording fastener astatine the confirmation message. Alternatively, let the signaling to extremity automatically erstwhile everyone leaves the meeting.

Figure D


A connection tells you that the signaling is being saved. Depending connected the magnitude of the meeting, you'll apt person to hold a abbreviated portion for the signaling to beryllium processed and saved. Click the Show Conversation icon astatine the top, and a thumbnail for the signaling appears. Click that thumbnail to play the signaling (Figure E).

Figure E


You're past taken to your SharePoint oregon OneDrive tract wherever you're prompted to motion successful with your account. In the spectator window, property the Play fastener to footwear disconnected the recording. From there, you tin intermission and restart the recording, skip up 30 seconds, and spell backmost 30 seconds done the controls connected the left. You tin alteration the playback velocity and power to afloat surface mode via the controls connected the right. And you tin download, stock oregon delete the signaling with the controls astatine the apical (Figure F).

Figure F


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