How to secure your Microsoft Teams meetings with the lock feature

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You tin negociate subordinate entree by locking meetings utilizing a enactment oregon schoolhouse relationship for Microsoft Teams. This walk-through explains the process.

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You'd similar to amended unafraid your Microsoft Teams meetings by stopping uninvited guests oregon adjacent latecomers from interrupting you. Microsoft offers a mates of ways to bash this, but 1 enactment is to simply fastener the meeting. That capableness is an betterment implicit the older process, successful which you had to respond to each visitant individually.

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When you fastener a meeting, the idiosyncratic receives a notification telling them that the gathering is locked. People who were invited to the gathering but are incapable to articulation tin inactive entree the gathering chat, signaling and different info. If necessary, you tin easy unlock an existing gathering to let latecomers to participate. Here's however it works.

First, marque definite you're signed into Teams with your enactment oregon schoolhouse account. Before you commencement oregon docket your meeting, beryllium definite that the participants cognize that it volition beryllium locked aft a definite magnitude of time, possibly 10 minutes, for example.

After the gathering has started, click connected the Participants icon astatine the apical to show the gathering attendees. In the Participants page, click the ellipsis icon and prime the enactment for Lock The Meeting (Figure A).

Figure A


A confirmation connection appears connected the surface telling you that nary 1 other volition beryllium capable to join, but invitees tin inactive entree the gathering chat, the signaling and different gathering info. Click the Lock fastener (Figure B).

Figure B


Anyone who present tries to articulation the gathering volition person a notification telling them that the gathering is locked. They tin inactive enactment successful the chat portion the gathering is moving and presumption the transcript oregon signaling aft the gathering has ended.

To unlock the gathering astatine immoderate time, conscionable click the ellipsis icon successful the Participants pane again and prime the enactment for Unlock The Meeting (Figure C).

Figure C


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