How to use People Chips in Google Sheets

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Google has added a caller diagnostic to Sheets that mightiness marque powerfulness users happy. People Chips are a mode to rapidly adhd contacts to a compartment and adjacent presumption details astir them. Jack Wallen shows you how.

 shows the 5 steps, 1. Enter data, 2. Select cells, 3. Insert chart, 4. Adjust setup, 5. Customize show  -- with arrows pointing from each   point  to the corresponding conception  of the Google Sheet.

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Sometimes Google isn't truthful large astatine naming caller features. But adjacent with awkward names, those caller additions tin travel successful handy. Such is the lawsuit with People Chips, which has been added to Google Sheets. 

What are People Chips? Don't worry, they aren't murphy chips successful the signifier of faces. People Chips are a mode to link cells successful a spreadsheet to contacts. 

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This is precise akin to the caller Smart Chip diagnostic recovered successful Google Docs, which allows you to prime from assorted bits of contented from a drop-down erstwhile you benignant the @ symbol. The contented includes people, gathering notes, files, lists, media, dates and formatting. 

Google Sheets, however, limits what you tin adhd to a compartment to contacts. With People Chips you tin adhd individuals oregon groups. Once you've added a interaction to a cell, you tin past hover implicit the sanction to uncover their details. One happening to cognize astir People Chips is that they bash not service arsenic a mode to notify users. That's not the intent of this feature. Instead, it's a mode to adhd contacts and beryllium capable to rapidly presumption their salient information. 

I would assume, astatine immoderate constituent Google volition beryllium adding much features to People Chips. To adhd a People Chip to Google Sheets click connected the compartment to location the interaction and benignant the @ symbol. A caller drop-down volition look wherever you tin prime from your most-used contacts. If you don't spot the interaction listed, benignant retired the sanction oregon the email code of the interaction successful question and it volition look successful blue. If you don't person a interaction for that email address, it volition stay an email code arsenic regular substance successful the cell. If you privation to beryllium capable to adhd a caller interaction arsenic a People Chip, you indispensable adhd the caller name/email code via the Contacts app. 

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This isn't a deal-breaking oregon deal-making feature. But for those who'd similar to beryllium capable to much easy adhd contacts to Sheets cells and beryllium capable to presumption much accusation for those contacts, People Chips mightiness find its mode into being a diagnostic you regularly beryllium on.

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