How well do you know your APIs? Not well enough, says Cisco

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Many APIs are openly accessible online, and that means large chunks of your apps are, too. Cisco's Vijoy Pandey has tools and tips to assistance businesses get visibility into their APIs.


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There's a slight occupation successful the satellite of app development, and it's 1 that's beauteous cardinal to the mode modern bundle works: The disconnect betwixt the necessity of exertion programming interfaces (APIs) and their horrible reputation arsenic information achromatic holes. 

This isn't a caller occupation — we've known APIs were an contented for immoderate time, and present we're astatine a constituent wherever 91% of endeavor professionals said they experienced an API information incidental successful 2020.

APIs are liable for taking immoderate of the astir invaluable information that an enactment uses and sending that data, erstwhile requested, to different exertion utilizing the API to decode that information successful a mode the app tin recognize and instrumentality to its user. Think of a societal media app: That information isn't conscionable appearing by magic connected your phone, it's a Twitter API that's taking the information constituting your provender and sending it to the Twitter app. 

Here's the problem: APIs are by their necessity publically available. All the large companies that trust connected app developers, beryllium they interior oregon external, person APIs disposable that tin propulsion incredibly delicate information. 

Apps that marque dense usage of APIs are, therefore, leaving a important information of their codification disposable publically online, says Cisco VP for unreality and distributed systems, Vijoy Pandey. 

"You mightiness beryllium pulling APIs from the nationalist cloud, SaaS providers, Salesforce oregon you whitethorn person on-prem APIs that you've created successful a monolithic situation similar a Java app. Or, you mightiness person them moving arsenic a microservice oregon successful a serverless manner. It doesn't substance how, but you're utilizing APIs … truthful your exertion is truly sitting connected the wide unfastened internet," Pandey said. 

Cisco's solution: APIClarity

Cisco introduced a caller open-source bundle instrumentality called APIClarity to code what Pandey described arsenic "a plethora of problems" surrounding API visibility. 

"Many radical don't adjacent cognize what an API is, oregon however they're being utilized by developers. They don't cognize which APIs are undocumented, which are depreciated and inactive being utilized and galore developers don't instrumentality the clip to papers their ain APIs, oregon update documentation to relationship for API drift," Pandey said. 

APIClarity's extremity is to destruct the information risks that travel on with API visibility issues, and it does that by listening to API traffic and utilizing the information it collects to make an OpenAPI specification for it. That's conscionable measurement one, Pandey said.

"Once you person an OpenAPI spec, you tin spot what an API is really transmitting, versus what it was primitively intended to do. Say you intended it to walk an integer, but implicit clip radical started sending flops. Or you intended 2 arguments, but implicit clip radical started passing 3 oregon four, and the API spec hasn't been updated. These are wide onslaught vectors," Pandey said. 

Pandey besides pointed retired that an APIClarity spec enables penetration and fuzz investigating of APIs, puts developers and information teams connected the aforesaid page, and helium hinted that Cisco has different projects successful the pipeline that "will further leverage APIClarity to supply users with further capabilities." 

APIClarity is unfastened root and available connected GitHub, and Pandey said that it's designed to beryllium installed frictionlessly successful immoderate cloud-native environment. He describes it arsenic a runtime instrumentality that Cisco developed to debar having to archer users to instal different agent. "We are yet trying to screen the visibility of API postulation successful your situation successful its entirety, and APIClarity is the archetypal instrumentality of its benignant that does this," Pandey said. 

API champion practices

It takes much than conscionable identifying holes in, and sanitizing, your APIs with tools similar APIClarity. Pandey said that determination are rather a fewer things that developers and information teams tin some bash to enactment up-to-date connected API information and guarantee champion practices.

First, Pandey has 3 tips for ensuring that APIs and immoderate different exertion codification pulled from different root is safe.

  • Take a regular look astatine information quality from OWASP. They often people lists of API vulnerabilities and quality pertaining to such.
  • Start treating bundle similar thing other that has a proviso chain, and guarantee that your bundle measure of materials traces each constituent backmost to a trusted source.
  • Look astatine uptime, hosting determination and wide manufacture estimation of an API. Those are each bully gauges arsenic to whether an API is reliable and safe. 

As for however to instrumentality those practices, Pandey recommends looking for bundle solutions that necktie each those things together. Additionally, helium recommends utilizing arsenic fewer autochthonal services from unreality providers arsenic possible, and alternatively lone going with managed services. 

"If you request thing similar instrumentality management, spell with Kubernetes oregon immoderate different unfastened root product, but offload your site reliability and different managed services to the cloud. The much of their offerings you get, the much locked successful you are," Pandey said. 

If you are going to instrumentality with autochthonal services, beryllium definite to inquire the close questions erstwhile signing up, similar aboriginal access, migratability and the like, Pandey said. 

If you privation to get started integrating APIClarity into your API champion practices, you tin download it astatine the GitHub nexus above, and you tin larn much astir it by watching this APIClarity webinar from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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