LIVE: 'Intriguing' question hangs over Ashes

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Good greeting and invited to Wide World of Sports' sum of the opening time of the archetypal Ashes Test betwixt Australia and England successful Brisbane.

It's each alteration for Australia, with a rookie skipper successful Pat Cummins and Alex Carey acceptable to marque his debut. It's the archetypal clip since 1978 Australia has fielded a debutant wicketkeeper and first-time skipper successful the aforesaid match.

Both sides person had a disrupted mentation owed to Brisbane's bedewed weather, and determination are showers forecast today, though it's apt we'll get a decent magnitude of play.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane is expecting a apical somesthesia of 30 degrees today, with showers and the accidental of a storm. There's an 80 per cent accidental of rainfall astatine immoderate stage, with 5-20mm forecast during the day.

The bedewed upwind that hampered some sides' warm-up matches leaves america with plentifulness of questions to beryllium answered.

"England volition accidental they've got amended mentation due to the fact that they've conscionable had a caller bid against India, which they mislaid 2-1 but astatine slightest it was pugnacious competitory Test lucifer cricket," erstwhile Australian skipper Mark Taylor said connected Outside the Rope for Wide World of Sports.

"Seven oregon 8 of the Australia broadside person had 2 oregon 3 Shield games, but the bottommost enactment for maine is that neither broadside has had an perfectly perfect preparation, which is simply a motion of the times, the COVID-19 times and besides the bedewed upwind that we've seen successful Australia.

"You haven't had the lead-in games that utilized to beryllium the lawsuit galore years agone wherever a touring broadside would play a mates of Shield teams that had Test players successful it, and you had a truly bully workout. Now it's been nets, if you're fortunate capable to get outdoors.

"Neither broadside has had large preparation."

All eyes volition beryllium connected Cummins and his English counterpart, Joe Root, astatine the toss, with suggestions the palmy skipper could determine to vessel first.

"The astir intriguing happening for maine volition be, I'm proceeding speech of greenish pitches and humid conditions, volition 1 of the captains beryllium brave capable to bowl?" Taylor asked.

"That volition beryllium the absorbing happening if it happens to beryllium overcast and a spot green. We've seen what happens successful the past.

"Will idiosyncratic beryllium brave capable to say, 'We'll springiness our quicks the archetypal go?'

"That volition beryllium the astir intriguing happening for maine astir fractional an hr earlier the archetypal shot is bowled?"

Only 2 England captains person bowled archetypal aft winning the flip successful Brisbane, and some times it backfired spectacularly.

In 2002-03, Nasser Hussain was roundly criticised for electing to field, with Australia romping to 2-364 by stumps connected time 1 connected the mode to a 384 tally win.

Things went adjacent worse for Len Hutton successful 1954-55, arsenic Australia racked up 8-601 declared, earlier bowling the visitors retired for 190 and 257 to triumph by an innings and 154 runs.

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