Vivaldi's new two-tier tab bar for Android is like having a desktop browser on a mobile device

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Vivaldi has done the intolerable and made tabs connected a mobile browser elemental and efficient. Jack Wallen shows you what it's each about.


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The Vivaldi browser connected Android has done thing nary different mobile browser situation bash … emulate a desktop browser.

Grab your pearls everyone, we're hitting the fainting couch.

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With the merchandise of Vivaldi 5.0 for Android, the browser puts 2 tiers of tabs close astatine the apical of your display, truthful you person casual entree to each of those tabs.

Who'da thunk it? I mean seriously, what is Vivaldi thinking?

All the close things, that's what they're thinking.

To date, mobile browsers person ever been an workout successful inefficiency. Sure, I recognize that mobile browsers indispensable marque bully usage of each quadrate centimeter of existent property connected those tiny screens. Because of that, astir developers tuck those tabs distant successful a peculiar window. To entree those unfastened tabs, you person to pat an icon to unfastened that model and past pat the tab you privation to view. For a instrumentality that should beryllium focused connected efficiency, that's inefficient.

So, erstwhile the developers of Vivaldi said, "Enough of that!" I listened. And with their latest release, I tin presumption immoderate tab I privation without that other tap. I cannot archer you however refreshing it is to beryllium capable to enactment with tabs successful specified a mode connected a mobile device.

Now, that doesn't mean this strategy is perfect. If you person excessively galore tabs unfastened it tin get a spot crowded. But fixed the constricted representation connected these devices, you don't privation to person a veritable cornucopia of unclosed tabs. So, not lone is this a mode to much rapidly entree your tabs, but it tin besides service arsenic a reminder that those tabs person gotten retired of control.

The bully quality is that Vivaldi has released two-tiered tab stacks, truthful it's not similar you'll spot each azygous tab you person opened displayed crossed the apical of the browser. Instead, you tin radical your tabs successful stacks, truthful the apical enactment shows your stacks and the bottommost enactment shows the tabs associated with those stacks. It's genius and it works to perfection (once you get utilized to it).

How bash you alteration this miraculous feature? Let maine amusement you.

What you'll request

To marque this work, you'll request a moving lawsuit of Vivaldi 5.0 oregon newer connected Android (because there's nary mentation disposable for iOS). That's it. Let's marque immoderate magic.

How to alteration Tab Stacks

The archetypal happening you request to bash is alteration Tab Stacks. To bash that, unfastened Vivaldi connected Android and pat the V fastener straight to the close of the code bar. From the drop-down, pat Settings. In the caller window, scroll down to the Tabs conception and pat the On/Off power for Enable Tab Stacking until it's successful the On presumption (Figure A).

Figure A


Enabling Tab Stacking successful Vivaldi 5.0 connected a Pixel 6.

You'll besides request to alteration the Show Tab Bar enactment arsenic well. If you don't alteration that, Vivaldi volition show the Tab Stack bar, which isn't rather arsenic adjuvant (although it does instrumentality up little surface existent estate).

How to usage the Tab Bar

Now that you person everything enabled unfastened a website (such arsenic TechRepublic) successful Vivaldi. Once the tract is open, pat the tab fastener and unfastened different tab. Open arsenic galore tabs arsenic you like.

To make a Tab Stack, property and clasp 1 tab and resistance it onto another. Group your opened tabs unneurotic (maybe according to a theme, that's up to you) successful this aforesaid mode until you person a postulation of Stacks.

Now, pat connected 1 of the sites wrong a stack to unfastened that site. What you should spot present is simply a enactment of favicons that correspond your stacks (on top) and a enactment of favicons for the sites associated with the existent stack (Figure B).

Figure B


This is however Tab Stacking looks connected Vivaldi 5.0.

Tap connected a Tab Stack icon to presumption each of the associated tabs and past pat a tab wrong the stack to presumption the site.

Vivaldi's caller method of dealing with tabs connected Android is, without a doubt, 1 of the astir elegant and businesslike methods of each the disposable browsers. Give this a effort connected your mobile instrumentality and spot if it doesn't person you mounting Vivaldi arsenic your default Android web browser.

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